Mat Kewangan’s Bucket Budgeting Strategy

Hi guys!

In my previous entry, I’ve analysed my financials over a 6 months period from July to December 2017. Click here to read the analysis if you haven’t. In that entry, I disclosed my maximum budget of RM1,300 for monthly expenses which includes food, groceries, fuel, car maintenance and the occasional splurge. So, how do I come up with this value?

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Analysis: My 2017 Financials

For my very first entry with some financial content, I would like to go in-depth analysis of my financial spending habit in 2017. I would do this type of financial analysis every quarter (March, June, September & December) in the future. Just for this time, I will go through my 2017 financials which is from July until December 2017. (I just started tracking my spending in July last year). Continue reading “Analysis: My 2017 Financials”

First Step

Hello guys!

This simple blog is meant to capture my unspectacular journey towards financial freedom. I am by no means are financially free nor has “made-it”. In reality, I am very far from it but looking at my plans and things that are going now, I might have a chance of achieving my dreams in less than 10 years. (super optimistic, haha). boleh! Continue reading “First Step”